“Sunny Slopes Lake, nestled here in the midst of the Sunny Slopes housing subdivision, is evidence of what a few ambitious homeowners can do to provide first class recreation right in their own backyard.

Members of the Sunny Slopes Lake Association have worked relentlessly since 1962 to make the Lake what it is today. Back then, when the facility was little more than a large mud hole, landowner Robert Shope told the residents he would give them the Lake if they promised to develop it into a recreational area, for Sunny Slopes.

With a $500 donation from builder Manny Barenholtz and Shope’s offer to donate the lake, a handful of homeowners formed the Sunny Slopes Lake Association.

Endless hours were spent cleaning the Lake and hauling in sand to make it suitable for swimming. A well was dug so that a fresh water supply would be available daily. Later, a shelter house was constructed and playground equipment added.

In all, it is estimated that some $30,000 was invested in the Lake, included all equipment and labor. The first memberships were sold at $15/family after and initiation fee of $30. To raise funds to maintain the Lake, the members held a variety of events including a Christmas Store, where children would buy mostly homemade items; bazaars, card parties and donkey baseball.” *Article by Diane Bernish, found in a local publication.


Sunny Slopes Lake is STILL the best kept little secret in Streetsboro. We are a family-oriented place to come and enjoy fishing, swimming, cooking out and spending time together with family and friends.

We are a non-profit organization, with a 501C3, made up of approximately 80 members and their families. We have a pavilion with grills and picnic tables, a beach area complete with sand and a play area for the smaller kids. There is also a dock and diving board along with an area devoted to fishing. During the summer you may even find a game of horse shoes or volleyball or corn hole going on.

Each family pays a minimal, yearly membership fee to become members and these monies are used strictly for Lake operations, including but not limited to; landscaping, building and equipment maintenance, chemicals used to treat the lake, and most importantly, taxes on the property, which includes five parcels.


The continued, efficient operation of the Lake and its facilities; to provide a clean, safe and fun environment for members and their families and friends; and to become more visible in the community by participating in local events and volunteerism.