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  1. How can a member of the community get a membership? I thought if you lived in the community you could get a membership.

    • Yes, anyone can get a nembership whether you live in the community or not. Our Membership drive starts every year beginning in May. Signs are posted at the Lake, we have two FB pages that are updated with reminders along with this website. They are sold on a FCFS basis until they are sold out. We are sorry you missed it this year. With all that was happening we sold out quicker than usual. People were VERY READY to get out!!! 😎 You are welcome to come to our Sunday Funday on July 19. Its our annual fundraiser and open to the community (members and non members). Hope to see you there. SSLA😎

      PS. Sorry we did not respond sooner. The website is supposed to notify .e asap when a comment comes in. I will have to check in to that.

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